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About San Miguel


One of Mexico’s top rated destinations, San Miguel de Allende is not just a tourist spot but also an art community and a retirement colony. The city is flooded with tourists and foreign nationals and there is more than just the perfect weather and picturesque scenery that draws them towards it year after year. Located 274 Kilometers from the Mexico City in the far eastern part of Guanajuato state, San Miguel de Allende is historically linked as the birthplace of Ignacio Allende. The city has many historic buildings along with the Sanctuary of Atotoilco which have been declared as World Heritage Sites.

San Miguel De Allende is a vibrant and historic city filled with cobblestone streets and architectures as a remembrance of the once Spanish colonial rule. Artists, musicians and writers from all over the world flock here to witness the Mexican traditions and celebrations blended with artistic inspirations passed over the generations. Read on to find out what makes this city a tourist’s paradise and one of the most sought after travel destination.


Wedding events
Colonial mansions, rooftop gardens, breathtaking views and much more than you can ever plan to make your wedding event a memorable and romantic one. Hotel Casa Schuck in San Miguel de Allende is a perfect spot for your destination wedding. Casa Schuck caters to all your wedding plans and needs, be it an intimate one or a grandeur one depending on your budget and vision. The hotel Casa Schuck takes care of all arrangements like photography, decoration, dance, music and everything that you need to make your wedding event a long remembered one. Visit the site to know more about the current offers.
If you are a shopaholic or possess a wild passion for furniture and handicrafts then San Miguel de Allende is your dream shopping destination too. With a wide variety of art forms, handicrafts, boutiques, furniture and home décor, this place has all that is needed to decorate your home the Mexican way. Souvenirs, clothing, leather goods, shoes and fashion crafted all over Mexico are sold in this place. For more detailed information on where to shop, check out the website
Night Life
San Miguel de Allende has a resort for every taste and every age. The downtown offers a lot of options for pubs and bars with a few providing excellent music and pool tables. There are also a few traditional Irish Pubs and few bars customized in New Orleans style. You can also try the “Cucaracha” which are native to the city. Night life in San Miguel is one that you should not miss during your trip and make sure that you plan your schedule accordingly.
Taking into consideration the tourists who visit San Miguel every year, the city serves Mexican and international food taking into consideration the taste of the tourists. You can find a wide variety of restaurants serving international cuisine and Mexican offerings. There are many restaurants that specialize in meat servings especially carnitas and barbacoa which are local specialities. To find out restaurants of your preferred choice within San Miguel, check out the website.

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San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende — Mexico’s mountainside colonial hamlet brims with old-world European charm, from its architecture, artistic culture, and joie de vivre mentality. In fact, New York Magazine described it as “the closest thing Mexico has to Florence” – and while this European reference relates more to San Miguel’s prestigious artist colony, the striking city scape is undeniably Spanish.

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Wedding in San Miguel de Allende

If you are looking for a place to get married in San Miguel de Allende, let us plan your unique event that reflects your personal tastes and desires. Your family and guests will enjoy every moment of all your planned festivities. Whether you choose a small intimate wedding at Casa Schuck or a larger elaborate event at Casa Cordelli, your wedding will be customized with your budget and desires. You can set your mind at rest knowing that as professionals with unsurpassed experience you will fully enjoy this memorable day with your family and friends.

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Haiku Hotel

Upon entering the courtyard of this beautifully preserved colonial building, you are instantly transported back to 19th-century Mexico. A unique hotel gallery concept, Haiku Hotel features guest rooms with an amazing decoration. #haiku #casaschuck #casacordelli

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San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

In 2008 UNESCO recognized San Miguel de Allende and the neighboring Sanctuary of Jesus de Atotonilco as World Heritage of Humanity sites, citing the town's religious and civil architecture as a demonstration of the evolution of different trends and styles, from Baroque to late 19th century Neo-Gothic.

San Miguel is a preferred destination of art lovers. Whether you're an aspiring or accomplished artist, or just prefer to admire the creations of others, you'll be happy here. Studio openings, courses and workshops form a vital part of the thriving arts scene. Galleries, boutiques and shops selling a wide range of art and handicrafts are plentiful so it won't be hard to find souvenirs to take home with you.

San Miguel de Allende has an air of tranquility about it, belying the fact that there is always something happening. This is the perfect city for an extended stay. Take a Spanish course or some art classes and make yourself at home. It is safe to walk around day and night and the climate is pleasant year-round.

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